There are three types of writing that we focus on teaching in 4th and 5th grade using the Benchmark Reading Series.  They are Opinion/Persuasive, Informative/explanatory, and narrative.

I have found some very good videos that are short , that takes kids through the steps or process of writing for each of the types of writing.

Opinion/Persuasive Writing


Opinion Writing Episode 1

Opinion Writing Episode 2

Opinion Writing Episode 3

Opinion Writing Episode 4 

Opinion Writing Episode 5

Opinion Writing Episode 6

Opinion Writing Episode 7

Opinion Writing Episode 8


1.  Persuasive writing:  What is it?

2.  Persuasive Writing:  Brainstorming Topics

3.  Persuasive Writing:  Planning and Prewriting 

4.  Persuasive Writing:  Developing Reasons

5.  Persuasive Writing:  Writing an Introduction

6.  Persuasive Writing:  Writing a Rough Draft and Closing

When working on Opinion/Persuasive Writing. 

A.  First, we watch a series of 8 episodes on YouTube to help us understand what is involved in writing an opinion paper.

B.  Then we used a graphic organizer to help us get our basic ideas down on paper. 

C.  Finally, we wrote our first draft that includes five paragraphs. 

The first paragraph is the introduction, which should include:  a hook to engage the reader, name the topic and tell your opinion.  The next three (or more) paragraphs should explain your reasons with examples.  The final paragraph is the conclusion and it shiould include the following:  restate your opinion, summarize your reasons and give a final or closing thought.


Narrative Writing


Personal Narratives

1. Writing a Personal Narrative:  Brainstorming a Story for Kids

2. Writing a Personal Narrative:  Planning and Prewriting a Story for Kids

3. Writing a Personal Narrative:  Writing an Introduction or Opening for Kids

4. Writing a Personal Narrative:  Writing a Draft for Kids

5. Writing a Personal Narrative:  Writing a Closing or Conclusion for Kids

6. Writing a Personal Narrative:  Revising for Kids

7. Writing a Personal Narrative:  Editing for Kids

8. Writing a Personal Narrative:  Publishing for Kids


Informative/Explanatory Writing


How-To Writing

1. How-To Writing for Kids:  Brainstorming

2. How-To Writing for Kids:  Writing an Introduction

3. How -To Writing for Kids:  Writing Steps

4. How-To Writing for Kids:  Revising Steps

5. How-To Writing for Kids:  Writing a Closing


Research Papers

1. How To Write a Research Paper for Kids:  Brainstorming Topics

2. How to Write a Research Paper for Kids:  Making a Plan

3. How to Write a Research Paper for Kids:  Researching

4. How to Write a Research Paper for Kids:  Writing a Draft

5.  How to Write a Research Paper for Kids:  Revising


Transition Words


Transition Words


Wesites and Resources

Elementary School Transition Words and Phrases

Transitional Words

K12 Reader Transtional Words and Phrases


Typing Your Paper


MLA Style Essay Format

MLA Basic Paper Formatting