Talent Development and Advanced Differentiation
First Graders Collaborating while Making Digital Books

What is Talent Development and Advanced Differentiation?  

Talent Development and Advanced Differentiation is a school-wide model committed to deliberately developing talents in all students.  The system is designed to evaluate and meet the needs of advanced learners, promote differentiated instruction for all students, and focus on what our students can do.  This type of instruction incorporates creative thinking, critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making on a daily basis (Treffinger et al., 2004).  In addition, community resources are used to support differentiated and interest based instruction.  Talent Development and Advanced Differentiation is proven to be effective across the country in large, multicultural, urban school districts. 



  • All students at all ages have relative talent strengths, and schools should help them identify, develop and understand their own special abilities. 
  • The development of ability or talent is a lifelong process requiring effort and support.
  • Schools can and should be places for developing the talents of all students. 
  • Advanced learners demonstrate outstanding achievement or show potential for high levels of accomplishment relative to others of similar age, experience, and environment.
  • Advanced learners have cognitive and affective needs requiring differentiated and challenging educational programs/services beyond those provided in the general education program.
  • Advanced learners represent the diverse populations of our communities, and can be identified throughout their PK-12 program to provide the appropriate instruction and support for continuous growth.  


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