Pratt Site Council

This a group comprised of parents, staff, and an at-large community representative who provide leadership to the Pratt School community and are committed to implementing the school’s mission to meet the educational and social needs of our students while increasing partnerships with families and the community.

This group currently meets the third Tuesday of the month at 4:45 p.m. (Prior to the PTO meeting.) Agendas will be shared ahead of time and any staff or community member may attend. Minutes will be taken and shared with staff and posted on the school web site.

Site Council members are responsible for representing the interests of all Pratt students, parents, and staff and as such, serve as a communication link between these various groups.

2020 Members

  • Nancy Vague, Principal (co-chair)
  • Eric Ziegler, School Social Worker (Special Education Representative) 
  • Tyler Jachim, Special Education Resource Teacher 
  • Mary Pantsari, Grade 4/5 (Intermediate Grade Representative and Secretary
  • Jennifer McGraw, Family and Community Liaison
  • Angela Kraemer, Grade 2 Teacher
  • Jan Thurn, Community Education
  • Susan Larson-Fleming, Community Member
  • Abdirahman Hassan, Parent Representative
  • Michelle Muthiani, Parent Representative 
  • Andres Irigoyen-Au, Parent Representative
  • Eric Lind, Parent Representative (co-chair)
  • Alex Wohlhueter, Parent Representative
  • Sarah Jannusch, Parent/PTO Representative