WOOT Math and Dreambox

WOOT Math - fractions and decimals - this is the unit we were working hard on before distance learning and it is very important!

Access through www.clever.com then click on the WOOT Math app (blue with eyes)

Here is the order of the assignments.  To complete the 4th grade skills, students must finish the first 10 books in WOOT Math.  There are a total of 24, so if your student completes the first ten and is ready for more, just let me know and I will open up more books for her/him.

1.  Making Sense of Fractions.    2.  Fractions on a number line.    3.  Ordering Fractions

4.  Fraction Refresher I.    5. Advanced Ordering Fractions.    6.  Equivalent Fractions     

7.  Fractions in Simplest Form.    8.  Mixed and Improper Fractions.    9.  Fractions Addition and Subtraction

10.  Multiplication of Fractions.    11.  Making Sense of Decimals.    12.  Decimals on the Number Line

13.  Fraction Refresher II.    14.  Advanced Fractions Addition.    15.  Advanced Fractions Subtraction

16.  Advanced Fractions Multiplication.    17.  Division of Fractions.    18. Fraction Refresher III

19.  Advancced Fractions Division.    20.  Making Sene of Ratios.    21.  Reasoning with Ratios and Rates

22.  Connecting with Negative Numbers.    23.  Ordering and Absolute Value

24.  Analyzing Proportional Relationships


Dreambox Math - all math subjects, at your child's ability level.  It adapts to your child's needs.  

Access through www.clever.com then click on the dreambox app (lower case d)