Welcome to Ms. Mac's 4th/5th Grade Classroom!

Hello Team 207 Families! We are now using GoogleClassroom to complete Distance Learning. Your student can log in using their @mpsedu.org email and password at classroom.google.com 

Student Expectations: Log on every day to our live GoogleMeets with Ms. Mac.

Our schedule:

9am Specialist Meet

10am Morning Meeting

10:30-11:30am Math Meet 

11:30am-12:30pm Lunch/Recess (offline)

12:30-1:00pm Read Aloud and writing

1:00-2:00 Literacy 

2:00-2:30pm SEL Closing Meeting

2:30-3:30 Science/Social Studies (offline) and Ms. Mac's Office Hours on GoogleMeet 

Parent Expectations: Help ensure your student has at least 4 hours every day to connect with school, preferably in a quiet place where they can complete independent work. Reach out to Ms. Mac via email (megan.macdonald@mpls.k12.mn.us) or Seesaw if you have any questions or concerns. 

Teacher Expectations: Teach Live GoogleMeet Morning Meeting, Math class, Read Aloud, Literacy Class, and Closing Meeting. Post weekly assignment for Science and Social Studies units. Host daily office hours for students and families via phone, email, Seesaw, and Zoom (contact information posted on GoogleClassroom). Give feedback on student work regularly. Communicate with all students weekly. 

Regular Messages: Regular weekly updates will come out every Tuesday (like a Tuesday folder) via Seesaw.


Questions? Email Ms. Mac at megan.macdonald@mpls.k12.mn.us, message her via Seesaw, or call the main office at 612-668-1122.




My name is Megan MacDonald (she/her) and this is my fourth year at Pratt Community School! I earned my M.S. in Education at the University of Minnesota and my Ph.D. in American Studies at Purdue University. I live with my family, including a puppy named Bisou, three guinea pigs, and many fish, in Minneapolis. 

I am so excited to build a community with our students in Room 207. I am invested in encouraging academic choice to meet the needs of all students in my room, and use Responsive Classroom practices to address any issues that may arise. This means we solve many of our classroom issues using whole class circles for problem solving conversations. You will find that I have very high expectations for all my students and believe they can meet those expectations. I believe every student wants to learn and help each human in my room to set and meet goals, use perseverance and collaboration to succeed at those goals, and challenge ourselves daily to go above and beyond. 




2020-2021 Supply List

1 pair of headphones to keep in the classroom 

1 pair of athletic shoes for Gym Class

Do not label the following items: 

24 Ticonderoga Pencils

4 plain composition notebooks (black)

2 plain 2-pocket folders (any color)

2-3 highlighters, any color 

1 box Crayola classic colors markers

1 pack (12 or 24) Crayola colored pencils

1 roll of 3M Packaging Tape 

1 package rectangular pink erasers

1 package Expo dry erase markers (black) 

2 Elmers glue sticks 

2 containers disinfectant wipes 

3 boxes facial tissue 

Appreciated items: 

3x3 Post-It Notes



See Quick Links to the side for Math based online games and other tools!! 

The Works: Workshop on Wheels - January 2020

Hands on engineering experience in the classroom learning about motion and circuits. We built our own "wiggle bot" using motors, batteries, and circuits.