Our mission is to create a safe, challenging and nurturing learning environment where all students succeed.


  1. There is a climate of high expectations for student success and staff members communicate their high expectations to students, parents, and one another.
  2. Every teacher is clearly communicating to parents and students the knowledge and skills students are expected to acquire in each grade level and unit of instruction.
  3. Structures are in place to engage families as partners in working toward the common goal of high quality education.
  4. The learning of each student is assessed frequently.  Instructional strategies, interventions and supports are implemented based on the results of multiple forms of data.
  5. A collaborative culture ensures staff members work interdependently to better meet the needs of students by building shared knowledge to improve their professional practice.
  6. Structures are created to promote strong, distributed leadership throughout the building
  7. The learning environment is safe, positive, orderly, and clean.
  8. Success is celebrated!