5th Grade Math Practice Links



Many permutations of games for practicing and exploring commutative, associative and distributive properties of multiplication, and facts

Modular Division Challenge

Division Deduction with Remainders

Multiplying with Arrays

Distributive Property with Chairs

Factorize (dividing numbers into 2 factors)

Partial Quotients Division

Long Division Practice

Many Methods for Multiplying

Product Sudoku (very challenging)

Interactive Long Division Game

Exploring Factors and Multiples

Rounding Products to Estimate

Estimating Products Pac Man



Ordering decimals

Rounding decimals

Matching fractions, decimal, and percents

Building equivalent fractions

Fraction models (comparing with decimals)

Fractions challenge

Fraction and decimal equivalency challenge

Converting fractions to decimals game

Another fraction to decimal conversion game

Sorting decimals, fractions, and percents

Fraction and decimal equivalency game (play against others around the world)

Decimal tile manipulatives

Fraction fling (mixed fractions)

Ordering Decimals

Ordering decimals (choose “tricky decimal for 100ths and beyond)




Liquid Volume Game