Frequently Ask Questions

What are Pratt's Hours?
8:05 am - 2:35 pm (beginning fall 2021)

Does Pratt offer childcare?                                                                                                                                                                                                        We offer before-school care through Minneapolis Kids beginning at 6:30 am and after-school care sponsored by Community Education.  In addition, the building is open for evening adult education classes, (Monday through Thursday) and Saturday morning.

How many students are enrolled this year?
320 students spread across Early Childhood through grade 5 

What percentage of Pratt students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch?
Approximately 63%

What percentage of Pratt students are enrolled in the English Language Learner (ELL) program?
27% with the majority being Somali.  We also have children who speak Amharic, Finnish, German, French, Oromo and Spanish at home.

What kind of specialist classes are offered?
Physical Education and Enrichment (2 times a week) and Art (1 time a week). These specialist classes are 55 minutes long.

What kind of technology do you have at Pratt?
We have two class sets of MacBook laptops, four class sets of iPads, and an interactive white board in every classroom. 

Are Special Education and English Language Leraner (ELL) classes offered?
Yes, we offer both services.

Is there a "gifted and talented" program?
Gifted Education programming in Minneapolis Public Schools is provided through a Levels of Service model. Advanced learners at Pratt are served through this school wide
 system that evaluates and meets the needs of students with advanced learning needs, promotes and supports differentiated instruction for all students,  and puts the focus on what our students can do. 

Do you offer any special programs?                                                                                                                                                                                                 As part of our commitment to Learning for Life, Pratt Community School offers a wide range of enrichment programs to our students -- through the classroom experience, our partnership with Eastside Neighborhood Services (ESNS) and Pratt Community Education. Our ability to draw a heavy population of volunteers from the University of Minnesota also enables us to offer a number of unique learning experiences to our students.