Pratt Achievers

East Side Neighborhood Services and Pratt Community School partner to provide a variety of fun, enriching, and academic after school programs. These programs are designed to help all students meet or exceed grade-level benchmarks and develop interpersonal and social skills. 

Our program includes a Program Manager, Lead Youth , Licensed Teachers, Program Aides, and volunteers from the University of Minnesota Service Learning. 


Fundamentals of Learning: This group is for Kindergarten youth. Students will meet with Ms. AZ and continue to develop a wide range of skills including physical, social, emotional, language & literacy, and critical thinking skills. 


School Achievers: 1st and 2nd graders meet on Mondays and Wednesdays to practice foundational reading skills. Learning happens in small groups through songs, games, and other activities. 


Math Mavens: 3rd – 4th graders who have challenges with numbers will meet every Monday and Wednesday to improve their math skills. By the end, the learner should be able to: develop a positive attitude towards learning Mathematics and performing mathematical operations and manipulations with confidence, speed, and accuracy. 


Homework Help: Students who thrive through one-on-one help can meet with Ms. Kruse during program hours for individual assistance with their school work. 


Y-Mentors: Ten dedicated college students provide group mentoring, allowing Pratt youth the opportunity to meet positive role models and build team skills. Mentors and students engage in activities revolving around literacy and healthy living. LETS MAKE READING FUN! 


GEMS/GISE: The GEMS and GISE programs are award-winning science programs that energize students' excitement about the possibilities in cutting-edge science. The goal of these programs is that students have measurable and significant gains in mathematics and science. Kids today are surrounded by technology. It is clear that computers and programming are central to most aspects of our lives. In this program, students will learn the basics of programming and become better architects of their future world. They will become “creators” – be active participants instead of passive consumers. 


Mr. Jachim’s Student Support Students needing extra support with any subject can meet with our licensed teacher, Mr. Jachim, to get additional aid in areas they feel weak in. Mr. Jachim is experienced with students with social challenges, high levels of anxiety, disabilities, and trauma. The provided additional support will aid students in gaining more confidence in their academics as well as state testing. 


Public Achievement: Young people want to shape the world around them. Through Public Achievement, they have that opportunity. Students of all ages will work with each other to meet challenges and solve community problems. They learn from each other the meaning of citizenship and democracy. Ordinary people do extraordinary things. Especially in their community and school if we work towards a common goal! 


Cinematic Books: This is a space where upper elementary kids will read various engaging text and then will watch the movie version and compare and contrast the two in conversation and writing! Through this class students will gain a new perspective on reading and develop their critical thinking skills; giving them opportunities to speak out loud and share their voice with others. 


NASA: “Mission to Mars: In collaboration with the U.S. Department of Education, NASA has developed unique science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) Design Challenges, for grades 3-5. Each STEM challenge is based upon real mission data and experiences that occur during human and robotic exploration of the solar system. During these challenges students will become a team of Engineers with a Facilitator and learn, design, and build devices that deal with our Space Travel!