Fourth Grade Science Units 

Electricity and Magnatism (Physical Science)

I can measure with accuracy, using the metric system (

I can identify the properties of magnets.  (

I can compare materials that are conductors and/or insulators of heat or electricity.  (

I can explain ways to generate heat energy. (

I can crate and explain a simple electrical cicuit. (

I can construct and explain an electromagnet. (


Properities of a Magnet

Electrical Circuits - series and parallel

Series and Parallel Circuits

How Eletricilty is Made

What is a magnet?

Bill Nye Magnetism Part 1

Bill Nye Science Guy Magnetism


Rocks (Earth Science)

I can use evidence to classify rocks and minerals. (,

I can measure with accuracy, using the metric system. (


Be a Rock Detective

3 Types of Rocks

Let's Learn about Rocks and Minerals

A Brief introduction to Minerals

Identifying Minerals

Mineral Hardness Test

Identifying Minerals

Gem Identification 


Interactives Rock Cycle

The Virtual Egg Carton

Mining and Mineral Resources in Minnesota


Water and Earth (Earth Science and Physical Science)

I can describe and compare the different properties of matter.  (

I can explain how states of matter change. (

I can explain how heat is transfered. (

I can explain how water collects and moves through the earth. (

I can describe how water use affects water supply and quality.  (

I can measure with accuracy, using the metric system.  (


Changing Water - States of Matter

The Water Cycle Educational Video for Kids

Water Cycle National Science Foundation

What is Matter? The Doctor Bionics Show

Bill Nye the Science Guy - Phases of Matter

The Water Cycle The Doctor Bionics Show



Diseases, Germs and Defenses (Microworlds)

I can explain the body's defense systems. (

I can give examples of diseases for which vaccines have been created. (

I can measure with accuracy, using the metric system.  (


How Does Your Immune System Work?

Cell vs Virus: A Battle for Health

How Does a Vaccine Work?

Corona Virus Disease (COVID - 19) - part 1 "What is the virus?"

Corona Virus Disease COVID - 19 - part 2

Virus vs. Bacteria  - What is the difference?

Virus and Bacteria (focus on what bacteria is)