Ms. Kruse

    We are now using GoogleClassroom to complete Distance Learning. Your student can log in using through and use their email and password.  From there they can click on google classroom, WOOT Math, Lexia/Core 5, and Dreambox.

Student Expectations: Interact in GoogleClassroom every weekday and complete the assigned tasks.  

* Monday - Math Review, Annotate reading passage, writing prompt

* Tuesday - Math Review, Speling and Grammar, writing prompt

* Wednesday - Math Review, Spelling Patterns, writing prompt

* Thursday - Math Review, BuildReflectWrite graphic organzier, writing prompt

* Friday - Math Review, End of week reading assessment, writing prompt

DAILY - Morning Greeting/Attendance, WOOT Math or Dreambox math, and  Lexia/CORE 5

Other - type spelling 5x day, read aloud

Parent Expectations: Help ensure your student has at least two hours a day to connect with school, preferably in a quiet place where they can complete independent work. Accept invitation in your email to join and get google classroom summaries ((daily or weekly) about your child to help keep him/her on track.  Reach out to Ms. Kruse via email ( or Seesaw if you have any questions or concerns.

Teacher Expectations: Create assignments to post on google classroom, teach some lessons online, communicate with students/families (contact information posted on GoogleClassroom), give feedback on student work regularly, and TAKE DAILY ATTENDANCE (using proof of work completed each day - in google classroom, WOOT, Lexia/Core 5 - going through the clever app).

Regular Messages: Students will get a daily Morning Greeting video from myself and we will go over that day's expectations.  I will post the weekly assignments in the stream and give to parents via Seesaw.  Additional communication to parents will happen as topics arrise for the good o the whole group or I will individually contact parents through phone calls, texts, emails, or seesaw.

Questions? Email Ms. Kruse at, or message her via Seesaw















About Ms. Kruse

 Hello!  My name is Nancy Kruse.  This is my ninth year at Pratt School and I love it here.  The students are smart (and hard working), the parents are wonderful to collaborate with and the staff here is excellent!  I am so excited and I am looking forward to a productive school year.   

     I grew up in South Minnespolis and attended Minneapolis Public Schools.  I received my BS degree in Elementary Education at the University of Minnesota and my Master of Arts in Education at St. Mary's University. I have taught High Five through fifth grade.  

A few of my favorite things....

color:  green

seasons:  fall and spring (love sweatshirt and jeans weather)

food:  pepperoni pizza

restaurant:  OPH (Original Pancake House) - breakfast is my favorite meal out

drink:  water 

sport to play:  softball

sport to watch:  hockey and soccer

books:  non-fiction and romance

hobby:  dog training and showing in obedience competitions, knitting and crocheting, reading, and walking

writing utensils:  Pilot G2 gel pens and Paper Mate felt tip flair pens